Private Lessons

Individual Study

As a tuba or euphonium player, students work closely with Mr. Bontempi and enjoy ample opportunities to grow as a musician.  Although lessons will vary based upon the skills and goals of each student, the study of fundamentals is what every lesson is based upon.  Beyond that, each student is encouraged to develop elements of performance, pedagogy and musical excellence.


Atlanta Tuba Studio

Private Music Lessons and Coaching

Sectional Coaching

Team Emphasis

High school and middle school Band Directors often have a need to bring in talented musicians to augment the instruction that their students are receiving.  Sectionals clearly help to elevate band performance levels from "good" to "great" and give Band Directors the opportunity to maximize their time toward other areas of their music programs.

Master Classes

The Art of Performance

A Master Class is a concentrated public coaching for the musicians who participate and every master class is a unique event.  This type of teaching experience gives students the opportunity to observe how the Master Teacher immerses themselves in the details of the repertoire of their instrument.  By engaging the students in this way, it gives them and the audience a highly unique experience.

Music Clinician

Education & Development

As a clinician and lecturer, Mr. Bontempi is an educator with a track record of success.  It is clear that there is much more to music than starting and stopping together.  Mr. Bontempi, well versed on the virtuosity of the tuba, provides clinics on the art of performance, pedagogy and establishing a culture of brass excellence.